I would like to pass path alias as arguments to a views page. I tried the two methods one and two but unfortunately this doesn't works.

What I want to do is, example.com/box/portfolio link should show the example.com/box/45, 45 is node of portfolio. My views page path is box/% and I used the arguments as Node Id.

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  • is portfolio a title of a node? – awm Sep 17 '13 at 16:45

Looking into the Views Alias module, it does exactly what you need. Rather than making the change during the Views argument validation, this module will create a path alias to this View for every taxonomy term that can be an argument on the Views you select. Thus, example.com/box/45 can be accessed via example.com/box/portfolio, etc.

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  • thanks for the answer, but the problem is box is not taxonomy term – Ashok KS Jul 11 '12 at 13:57

It sounds like you need to get the node ID (to pass as the "final" argument) from the URL given that the URL is box/% and the argument is a path alias (i assume this means that your node's has only one level (path-alias instead of path/alias)

You would need to use drupal_lookup_path instead of drupal_get_path_alias since the argument is already an alias.

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