I have a block and I need to show this block only in some situations. For example if title of node includes "abc", block will be visible else it won't. From visibility settings of block I use this code snippet:

$match = FALSE;

$url = request_uri();
if (strpos($url, "myword")) {
  $match = TRUE;

I'm sure that "myword" is included in full URL of node. I tried to debug it by adding "echo $url" but it didn't write this line into page.

How can I solve this?

edit: in last line i forgot to add "return $match;" which returned always false.


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if (strpos($url, 'myword') !== FALSE) {
  $match = TRUE;

strpos() returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence of the substring.

So if "myword" is at the start of the URI string strpos() will return 0, and since 0 == FALSE in terms of a conditional, it will fail.

I've just tested your code and it works fine with the slight change.

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