I'm using Workbench Moderation on a new D7 site build. All is great in terms of workflow and I think I have the permissions near perfect, but I can't for the life of me seem to grant my 'content approver' roles the ability to unpublish content.

If I log in as a administrator (Drupal default role) I can see the option to 'unpublish' appearing, but I can't spot a particular Workbench / Drupal permission to grant to allow this permission for lower roles.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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You need to make transitions for the backward states through moderation (eg, Published -> Needs Review, and Published -> Draft) on admin/config/workbench/moderation/transitions

enter image description here

Then, on on admin/people/permissions#module-workbench_moderation, assign the permissions appropriately to the roles you want to allow to push things backwards

enter image description here


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