This is for Drupal 6.

I have a module that creates a custom node type called program. I have a role called "marketing" and it has a permission entitled "edit marketing copy"

I've used hook_access to grant update permissions to users who meet this criteria, but the edit tab does not appear on the content when I view it.

function programs_access($op, $node, $account) {
    switch($op) {
        case 'update':
            if(user_access('administer programs', $account) || user_access('edit marketing copy', $account)) {
                return TRUE;
        case 'delete':
        case 'create':
            if(user_access('administer programs', $account)) return TRUE;

I know that the user has the permission because the view template shows specific things based on permissions and those work as intended. I just do not receive the "edit tab"

How do I make the edit tab appear on the page for the user? What am I missing?

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Check if the user has permissions to use that node's input filter.

If that is OK, try rebuilding the content permissions.

  • Glad it helped - I was in the same situation quite a few times :) Commented Jul 13, 2012 at 20:07

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