I frequently come across cases in my Drupal 6 sites where a user might encounter my module's pages with the ?destination=foo querystring appended to the URL, from previous interactions on the site. Results of this vary from "inconvenient" to "very aggravating."

The default behavior of drupal_goto() checks for the destination parameter first, and disregards the arguments to drupal_goto() if it is present.

Is there a Drupal-native way to use drupal_goto() in a way that ignores destination?

(Yes, I know I can recreate a version of drupal_goto() in a utility function, but I would prefer a Drupal-native solution if one exists)


It's actually quite simple, just unset $_REQUEST['destination'] before you invoke drupal_goto().

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  • That's so blindingly obvious, no wonder I missed it :) – anschauung Mar 5 '11 at 0:18

Actually, unset($_REQUEST['destination']) doesn't work for me, but I was able to get it work with this instead: unset($_GET['destination']).

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