I have a node view with bulk operation style which is available for only admin role. I would like to hilight only the unpublished nodes. It doesn't matter if just one of the fields or whole row of those nodes are hilighted.

I suppose I need to add special css class to unpublished nodes but how can I do that?


in your views add fields:

  1. Node: Published, options "Label" empty, tick "Exclude from display", "Output format" choose "True/False"
  2. Node: Title, option "Rewrite the output of this field" write <span class="[status]">[title]</span>
  3. Make css class ".false {color:red;}" for "unpublished" in your theme .css file

make 2 and 3 to your vbo fields, add "Node: Published", and rearrange to be first top field

  • thanks it worked for me, small correction in css class it is ".False {color:red;}". – lohithmintu Oct 23 '13 at 6:45

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