I'm writing a module that will alter map zoom level and map center based on argument from url. But I cant figure out how the hook_openlayers_map_alter(&$map = array()) works, I'v tried to test this hook with:

function openlayers_mapalter_openlayers_map_alter(&$map = array()) {

    $map->center['initial']['zoom'] = '1';


but it has no effect on maps. What is the proper way to call this hook?

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have you tried using drupal_message to make sure it's being called?

Or calling the hook_openlayers_map_alter() function and using map as an array like so:

function hook_openlayers_map_alter(&$map = array()) {
    $map['center'] => array( 'lat' => '0',
                             'lon' => '0',
                             'zoom' => '2'



You have to clear cache to make the hook works.

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