I want to show 'Items per page' bellow the pager, I found viewsxtras, but it's just a placeholder and does not contain any code.

I'm using drupal 7 and views 3.x. How can I do this?

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In Drupal 7 under PAGER click on "Paged, xx items", then look at the Pager options window


I think you can make use of the count in the aggrevation and then display it custom text in the footer region in the views. I have done it once, but not sure how.


This will only work with views exposed form

In .module file -> hook_form_alter

$pager_options = array(5, 10, 15, 20, 25);
$form['your-views-form-id'] = array(
  ‘#type’ => ‘select’,
  ‘#options’ => $pager_options,
  ‘#default_value’ => 0,
  ‘#title’ => t(‘Items per page’),

$pages = $pager_options[$form_state['input']['your-views-form-id']];

It will provide you a select box with the options you have given and you will be able select no. of items to display on result.

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