I am trying to keep most of the configuration in code (and separating content and configuration). When I have a panel that is supposed to contain a content from for example a node, I would like to be able to export that setup somehow so that I can be sure it would work also on the other page. So it shouldnt be a node id, not either node title (so from my point of view, this help doesnt qualify).

The way I did it is somewhat complicated, but allows me to keep all config in code while happily creating the content separately. I am posting a writeup my colleague did to convince me i am doing it too much complicated. Yet, I cant think of a better way.

  1. Create taxonomy vocabulary with terms: top, middle, bottom.
  2. Create custom node-type called panel content to which you assign terms from vocabulary from pt 1
  3. Create a view that takes term from vocab from pt 1 as an argument.
  4. Place this view inside frontpage panel and hardcode the argument depending on region.

Am I missing some point here? Would there be a better way to it? Thanks.

  • Unfortunately I don't entirely see how your solution allows you to embed specific nodes?
    – Letharion
    Nov 21 '12 at 14:08
  • step 2 could have been a nodetype with taxonomy, for some reason i used entities in that project. So to answer your question - specific node would be selected by taxonomy.
    – mojzis
    Nov 21 '12 at 16:48

One could

  1. Use Fieldable panels panes, which can replace the custom entity you use, and put content directly into the pane.
  2. Configure the view to find nodes with a certain tag. Tag the node that should show up. Require the tag to be uniquely applied if only a single node is allowed.

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