Does anyone know of a module or method to create a node where users can upload an image, add text on top of it through a WYSIWYG, then have the image combined with the text (merge the text and image into one jpg/png)?

We are trying to find a way for users in a school to add slides to our digital signage without using powerpoint, and I was wondering if there was a Drupal module that could do the job or help make it easier.

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I don't believe that there's a module that supports the dynamic placing of text on top of an image in a wysiwyg editor. However, you should be able to use the imagecache_actions module to superimpose a text field onto an image field; IOW, you'd need to have separate fields (or a field collection) for the image and text. It also supports custom actions which should allow you to exploit the imageapi and GD as per your requirements.


If you're displaying slides on your website, you don't have to merge the text with the jpg/png. You can create a js slideshow with images and texts over them using CSS. You can use Views Slideshow for that. Basically, it can create js slideshows using Views. Sou you can create a content type with a body and an image field, create a view to display the nodes for your content type and display them using Views Slideshow.

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