I'm trying to AJAXify page loads using .load()/.get() methods and the main problem I'm currently stuck with is that the loaded content isn't being processed by the relevant javascript code.

I've tried upgrading to jQuery 1.7 and addind this scary workaround: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11442723/how-to-convert-bind-pass-through-to-on-to-delegate-like-right-inside-jqu , but the problem is not in the bind() calls AFAIU.

Something with Drupal.behaviors?

The simplest way to reproduce the issue is to take a page's #content.innerHTML that is normally being processed by JS (/admin/structure/block) and replace the #content HTML with it. This way the resulting HTML is the same but [for me] it's not processed by JS functions.

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Looks like Drupal.attachBehaviors(jQuery("#content")[0]); is working. Some issues still exist though. Like the absence of relevant behaviors when loading from different page.

Taken from https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/3193/7177

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