I have created a XML feeds by the tutorial, but I have found one problem that the XML tags are also appending to data, ie title, description and salary tags are also there The output is following

<title>Drupal Developer 100</title>

<description>A job creating applications with Drupal.</description>

<salary ccy="usd">60,000</salary>

The output shows like below, I want to remove <title> enter image description here


I get the answer by this tutorial, just uncheck the check-box under "Select the queries you would like to return raw XML or HTML" in XPath XML parser settings

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You could use -


This worked for me. It retrieves all the data that matches the tag.


Try to install the Simplepie library and write a custom piece of code to get the body where html->nextElement != <title>. I have done it once but not sure.

  • Thanks @Slasengger, I thought that when I follow the instructions in the document then the output will come exactly what we have insert in the XML document. Anyway I will test your method, where should I write the custom code ?
    – Ashok KS
    Jul 23, 2012 at 9:59
  • Create a custom module and get the XML of the site their and from there on you may use the simplepie. I think there is one other way to achieve this, i will trace back my code and let u know at the earliest.
    – user4081
    Jul 23, 2012 at 10:10

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