I cannot programmatically create a node in anything other than en language.

My site has 3 languages:

  • en
  • fr
  • de

And the code for creating a node is:

define('DRUPAL_ROOT', ...); 
require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . 'includes/bootstrap.inc'; 

$node = new stdClass();
$node->type = "foobar";
$node->title = 'test title';
$node->uid = 1;
$node->language = 'fr'; // *** this doesn't seem to work

if ($node = node_submit($node)) {

No matter what I type in the $node->language = '...'; the result is always the same. The node is created in the English language. I confirm that via looking at admin/content.

I've even tried stuffing this variable with a proper language object which I got out of the enabled languages of my site:

$languages = language_list('enabled');
$lang = $languages[1]['de'];
$node->language = $lang;
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    As side note, node_submit() always returns the parameter passed to the function; there is no need to check the value returned from the function.
    – apaderno
    Jul 25, 2012 at 13:39

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The behavior was an unfortunate side-effect of the admin_language module and the setting Force use of default language.

The "offending" code is at http://drupalcode.org/project/admin_language.git/blob/0167e36c45661502ee6907a5b2b7cad8538b19cf:/admin_language.module#l112

Disabling this options solves the issue.


Some of the hooks might not be firing, instead of node_save($node), try drupal_execute($form_id, $form_state)

That last link was bad... lullabot's should help:


doh... drupal 7. Looks like they have changed it to drupal_form_submit


  • Thanks for the answer. I've seen that sometimes people do suggest drupal_form_submit instead of node_save but I'd really like to know if and how this simple task (saving non English) can be achieved with node_save.
    – cherouvim
    Jul 25, 2012 at 7:49

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