In using Acquia/Drupal Commons and the Feeds module, we have successfully pulled in a few WordPress feeds. While the Organic Group is assigned and the newly created feeds appear in the OG's Home tab, they do not show up under the blog tag until I visit each one, click the edit tab, and then click save.

Given that, I assume I haven't mapped something that the group_tab_blogs View is searching on.

Additionally, if I copy the Query produced from group_tab_blogs live preview, copy it into a mysql client, and run, the results do show up. So that leads me to believe that it's something in the view filters.

Current Mapping between Source (Feed node) and Target (Blog node): Current Mapping between Source (Feed node) and Target (Blog node)

Current group_tab_blogs settings: Current <code>group_tab_blogs</code> settings


I can fix this by a manual running the query below. Once we set the field field_group_sticky_value of from table content_field_group_sticky to 'Not Sticky' it is now showing up.

 update content_field_group_sticky set field_group_sticky_value='Not Sticky';

However, I can't just map target fields Sticky and Group Sticky to just any value. I've already tried Published Date. So now I either need to run the above query on a trigger or adjust the view.

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Well, that query list above was the key. So I just threw it into a module cron. When feeds are imported on each cron run, this query runs and corrects the null value in the table.

function hook_cron() {
      db_query("update content_field_group_sticky set field_group_sticky_value='Not Sticky' where field_group_sticky_value is null");

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