I need a "contact us" page which has a contact form and google map side by side. Thus, I enabled the core "Contact" module and installed GMap module. I also installed Panels module and ctools module to create a page with two columns layout.

I successfully added the contact form into the left column of the panel page, but I failed to add the map into the right column. I thought I can easily add a gmap block into the column, but I could not find any block provided by the GMap module.

How can I do that ? Can I create a block which displays the map by using views.
I don't want to write custom codes.

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I found a way:

  1. I enabled "GMap Macro Builder" which comes with the GMap module.
  2. Added a text format by enabling filter "GMap Macro expander" at the page "admin/config/content/formats/add" and named the text format as "Gmap Macro".
  3. Created a map macro at the page "map/macro" to paste into a node.
  4. Created a node at "node/add/page" by pasting the macro text copied from the step 3 into the node body, chose a text format "Gmap Macro" which was created from the step 2 and gave a title 'Location'.
  5. Created a panel page with two columns layout and url "contact-us". Added the contact form to the left column.
  6. Added the existing node "Location" created from the step 4 into the right column.
  7. Created a main menu link with the path "contact-us" which is the panel page url.

Finally, I got a contact form with a google map side-by-side.

Required modules:
1. Chaos Tool Suite ( Chaos tools and Page Manager enabled )
2. Panels ( Panels only enabled )
3. GMap ( GMap and GMap Macro Builder enabled )

  • Great option! You can add a map straight into a pane this way and select 'reusable' - very cool.
    – Christian
    Jun 11, 2014 at 8:37

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