After a silly feeling with drush make and github I found out that all the .git folders (used by git to record history, config, origin location etc ) were removed by drush make and I have heard about this before but didn't come across myself as I was not maintaining the make files.

Specifically drush make removes the .git folder and u can see that if u run it with --debug option

Executing: rm -rf '/tmp/drush_make_tmp_1305733094/__git__/__build__/.git'

In my make file I am fetching 4 things from git repo because I wish to track development on them, 2 of them are my custom components ( 1 custom module and 1 feature which records all the config) and the other drupal core and media module due to high volume of fixes they receive. The whole purpose seems defeated if I can't have respective .git folders but I am also sure there is a way as others are using drush make with git but couldn't find in my quick search.

Thanks for your time!

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Pass the "--working-copy" switch to Drush Make.

drush make --working-copy site.make
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    If you'd like per-project control over this, you can add to the make file: projects[project_name][options][working-copy] = TRUE
    – Andy
    Commented Oct 23, 2013 at 12:18

And if you're using YAML for your make file, the following will allow you to preserve the .git repository info:


    type: core
    version: 8.0.x
      working-copy: true

And further, if you don't want drush to add in extra information to projects' .info files, make sure you use the --no-gitinfofile option when running drush make.


On project by project basis, in a make file you can add the option like this

projects[project_name][download][type] = git
projects[project_name][download][url] = ssh://[email protected]
projects[project_name][options][working-copy] = TRUE
  • This is not correct; Andy's comment above actually works. You have to use the options array, not the download array, to fetch the working copy. Commented Jun 9, 2016 at 19:43

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