I'm working on a website in Drupal 7.

I have the following menus in admin/structure/menus:

  • About Us Menu (added)
  • Get Connected Menu (added)
  • Main Menu (default)
  • Management (default)
  • Navigation (default)
  • User Menu (default)

Behind each menu in the list above, I have included "default" if it was included in the Drupal install, or "added" if I have added the menu myself.

I can add any page to any of these menus by using structure/menu/manage/[MENU NAME]/add, but I would like for my client to be able to select the menu from when adding or editing a page.

By default, I was able to add pages to the the Main Menu menu from the Menu Settings when adding or editing a page, and after adding the About Us Menu, I was able to add pages to same from this dropdown. However, I added another menu - Get Connected Menu, but I do not see it in the dropdown.

Adding additional test menus, I am still able to see only those that are in bold above - About Us Menu and Main Menu.

Has anyone ever seen this or know of a reason why this is happening and how to fix it?

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Go to admin/structure/types/ and click the edit link next to your content type. In the Menu settings tab select the menus you want to be available in the content creation page.

  • I never did that for the About Us Menu ... weird.
    – Justin
    Commented Jul 27, 2012 at 23:01

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