I have partially defined a complex content type on a remote site. It's not finished, by no means. Now, I want to migrate this content type to localhost so to continue my development locally. An obvious choice for exporting/importing data is Features. But - if I export the content type definition as a feature, will I be able then to develop it further on localhost? If not, what would be the right way to go?


You will have no problem if you have the same field types installed on the localhost. For example If you are using the email field in your production site, it should be installed also in the localhost.

Assuming your are using Drupal 7, you have three choices:

Bundle copy is a replacement for the Content copy module which lives in the CCK project for Drupal 6.


You must think carefully what dependencies your feature will have. How to structure the thing so it doesn't conflict with other Features.

Check the Kit is a specification:


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