I have created some Views to show in Home page. I have successfully installed one View in my homepage but i really can't understand is it possible to show one more Views in Homepage. If it possible then please take a time to describe it.. Thanks

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In Drupal 7, you should create a "block" display for the views you want to show, by selecting "Add" in the view config page.

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When you save the view block, the corresponding blocks will show up in the /admin/structure/block administration page and you can add it to any page you want.


If you have it set up as a Page display, then no, not really -- those are designed to show one view at a time, though you can probably install Views Field View and then add one of those to the footer if you're set on that.

However, the simpler route is to just create a Block from that view and add it to pages that way. Click the Add button near the word "Displays" when editing a view. Then you can drag and drop them in admin/structure/block.

To set it only on the home page, in admin/structure/block, click Configure next to the Views block in question. Under Pages at the bottom, click "Only the listed pages" and put "" in the text area.


Another way is to use panels you setup your panel structure and then add the views this give you the layout you want with minimal effort.

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