What is the proper way to store token replacements in a variable? Or should i even bother and call them directly?

Things like:

$author_uid = [node:author:uid];
$name = [node:title];
$picture = [node:field-image-upload:file];
$link = [node:url];

Are giving me an error:

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ':'

Am i doing something wrong?

Also in regards to this line:

$picture = [node:field-image-upload:file];

What I'm really trying to get is the url link to that image file. How can I do this with a token?


Token are a kind of meta language that needs to be processed to get the proper value. For it, you should send your token into a process function called token_replace.

Here is an example :

$author_uid = token_replace('[node:author:uid]');

Check this documentation page for further informations

  • Note that for hardcoded tokens, this doesn't make much sense, just access the value ($node->uid in this case), directly. token_replace() is useful for configurable strings, like mail subjects/bodies and other kinds of messages that users can configure. – Berdir Aug 2 '12 at 15:45

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