I have Drupal 7 installation with Openlayers and Geofield (I am using Openlayers as the widget for Geofield). I am able to add new points and show them on the map, however I am not able to remove points from the map once they are edited. I guess that the answer might be pretty simple and I might be doing something wrong, however I can't figure it out!

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Finally I managed to deal with it. In case someone else needs the answer:

  1. you choose the selection tool (the one with the cross)
  2. click on a point and press DEL

Hold down "Delete" and single click the icon you want to remove.


And on Mac, I just found out that you need to: 1. select the marker 2. press fn + backspace.


You have to select the "selection" tool and then click on a marker while clicking on "Ctrl" (or Shift, I don't remember now).


click the marker you want to delete on the map and then press delete key on the key board repeat the process for each marker you want to delete

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