I'm making use of views 2.xx and pressflow 6.xx and i'v a little issue when it comes to the views Display output template file, it just won't show the rows when i tried to print them like this:

      <?php print $fields["field_genre_value"]->content; ?>
      <?php print $rows["field_genre_value"]->content; ?>

Non of them work....

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While not a direct answer, the best thing I've found to do in cases like these is to put a

<?php drupal_set_message('<pre>' . print_r($rows, TRUE) . '</pre>'); ?>

in the template to see what you have to work with. But if you are talking about the Display template, I am pretty sure by that point the $rows variable has been populated with HTML so you may need to look at another template if you want to get fancier with the output.

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