I try to install drush using the following command:

pear install drush/drush

I get this error message:

No releases available for package "pear.drush.org/drush" install failed.

Then I try with sudo:

sudo install drush/drush

I get this error message:

downloading drush-5.4.0.tgz …
Starting to download drush-5.4.0.tgz (398,652 bytes) done: 398,652 bytes
Could not rename /usr/bin/.tmpdrush to /usr/bin/drush copy(/usr/bin/drush): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
ERROR: commit failed.

I installed pear, and added the pear.drush.org channel. What is wrong?

I realize that my question was not very clear. I was trying to install drush using pear on OSX Mountain Lion and I got those errors. Anyway I managed to accomplish my task another way, by installing "homebrew" package manager and following a few steps from this tutorial (step 8 and 9).

Update: an even simpler way to install drush using homebrew:

brew install drush

That's it.

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Use the following commands:

sudo rm /usr/bin/drush
sudo pear install drush/drush
sudo drush --version
  • or if you previously installed drush in /usr/local/bin, then use: sudo rm /usr/local/bin/drush Dec 6, 2013 at 18:14
  • Just for the record, since this question suddenly was listed as active again: Drush hasn't supported installation through Pear for many years. Read drush.org/latest/install for current install instructions which requires the use of Composer.
    – hansfn
    Jun 28, 2021 at 6:38

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