My hosting provider limits the number of databases. I would like to setup several small sites with their own theme, modules, etc. The scripting for setting up drupal sites from my host provider uses simplescripts.com but when I go to do an install, only Drupal 5 has the table prefix option. Drupal 6 and 7 installs do not allow the table prefix.

I found this good reference, but it wasn't explicit as to whether or not the Drupal version mattered. How do I get Drupal to use table prefixes so I can install multiple drupal installations in the same database schema?

I guess I don't see how to add the table prefixes to a particular install after the simplescripts.com has made the initial installation.

Is it even possible to setup multiple sites in Drupal 7 using one database? If so, is it a matter of using the simplescripts.com to install the files and then moving the installed files to the location I need them to be in? or must I install Drupal 7 manually for each site?


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Yes it is possible to setup a multiple sites in Drupal 7 using one database.

All though its not optimale. compared to the other option to run it in different databases.

Drupal multiple sites tutorial

Complete tutorial on setting up sites in Drupal 7

Hope it helps :)

  • Yes, this is what I wanted to specifically know. Apparently my shared hosting company doesn't make it easy to do it from the scripting it provides, but I will attempt to do for a few small sites that speed and performance are not a factor and where I want to conserve the number of databases that I am allowed. Thanks so much!
    – Q Beat
    Commented Aug 14, 2012 at 18:22

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