I created a content type with a text field in an Omega subtheme called "Prepaid" in Drupal 7. When a user inputs a hex value, it will create a div within the content area with inline CSS that changes the background color. I know the PHP to make this work, but I am having issues determining where to place the function, where to call the function, and how to reference the field I created in the code. I am not new to coding, but I am new to coding within Drupal. If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful.

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Create node--YOOR_TYPE_NAME.tpl.php and print_r($node) object, find what you need and place it on write tag style


It's happend with the help of preprocess function on the template.php. in drupal 7 themename_process_page(&$variables).use this function.

or you need to use default theme in drupal7[Bartik] . or Specific content type for create node--[content-type].tpl.php

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