Here is the current situation: i have an artist database and users can 'like' the artist with a flag button and that works great, but i need to use the 'like' data to get some other info

Case: 1. user likes artist(flag!) 2. user logs out 3. user returns to website and logs in and gets redirected to custom page

4. The custom page needs to contain nodes that reffer to the artist.

Its step 4 where i got stuck, i just don't know how to display the information from B to A in a view?

Using Drupal 6 and views 2.


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In views edit > Relationships > add Flags: User's flagged content (also select Include only users who have flagged content.)

  • I did fixed it, but the solution above is not the thing i needed... i had to install a node refference module and include a other relationship.. still thanks :) Aug 14, 2012 at 8:46

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