I am new to Drupal 7 and I just installed views. I have a view all set up with a text field and an image.

This view would be used as a Welcome paragraph to my site. It will also have a picture of a map off to the right side of the paragraph.

I have it all working but the image just shows up under the text I am currently using the unformatted list option. If I use the inline option then it looks weird because the image makes a huge white space between the first and second line of the text.

I don't want to use the table option because I don't like the whole look of a table.

I noticed the Style Settings when I was editing the Image Field. and I saw you could wrap the image in a <div> and give that <div> a style class. So I added a class called MyStyle. But I have no clue as to where I am suppose to put the CSS to create that class.

I saw a post that said I would need to add it to my theme. So I went into the bartik.info and added a new css file to it. And in that CSS file I added and defined my class. But it doesnt seem to affect anything.

How do I make this work?

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