I have a bit specific question.

I have a content type->TESTS it has the more or less the normal fields.

There is a view that displays all of the tests. So far,so good.

But the requirement is to add a specific textbox-> SCORE of TEST for every instance.

And it should be different for all the logged in users.

For example. All users see the tests and can insert a result. This result is recorded in the database.

What should be the best approach doing so ?

Maybe: 1.Create the field "ScoreOfTest" 2.Alter the view in a custom module

Thanks in advance


When you create the content type does it reference who test scores they are? Without any reference's to who's score it is this would be hard. You could use entities I believe as you can create relationships you need then you could use views to display it.


  • Hi..with some delay... The scope of the project required a custom module... And I am working on it now.. Anyhow,thanks a lot Aug 31 '12 at 12:45

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