I'm creating a Drupal installation profile and transfering taxonomy vocabularies through features, like this:

; Features
dependencies[] = my_profile_taxonomy_vocabularies

These vocabularies are created correctly, but I also should automatically create terms. If I put my function which creates terms into my_profile_install(), it's not working. At this moment, vocabularies are not available. Also I've tried to use direct SQL query and vocabularies are not created at this moment.

Where can I put my code for terms creation, when vocabularies are already created and available?

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You need to create a install task in .profile, install tasks are run after modules are enabled.

Here's an example you can use as a starting point:


 * Implements hook_install_tasks().
function PROFILE_install_tasks() {
  $tasks = array(
    'create_taxonomy_terms' => array(
      'display_name' => st('Create taxonomy terms'),
      'type' => 'normal', // the default
  return $tasks;

 * Install task: Create taxonomy terms.
function PROFILE_create_taxonomy_terms() {
  // your stuff.

The install task is declared as normal, that means the related function will be executed. If you're going to create a lot of terms, better write a batch. See the api docs for reference:


  • Thank you! It's works for me! And yes I need batch for my functionallity.
    – Eugene
    Aug 14, 2012 at 5:06

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