I want to customize the output of a field on my site so I made a custom views template. Here's the code:

<?php foreach ($row->field_field_location_taxonomize_terms as $data): ?>

  <?php if ($data['rendered']['#markup'] == 'Unknown'): ?>
  <?php elseif ($data['rendered']['#markup'] == 'United States of America (USA)'): ?>
    <?php print 'USA'; ?> 
  <?php elseif ($data['rendered']['#markup'] == 'United Kingdom (UK)'): ?>
    <?php print 'UK'; ?> 
  <?php else: ?>
    <?php print $data['rendered']['#markup']; ?> 
  <?php endif; ?>

<?php endforeach; ?>

As far as editing the output, this works fine. However, if the field is empty, the Label (set in views) for the field will still be printed, even though I have Hide if empty checked under No Results Behavior. If I remove my custom template, then the label is hidden when there is no value, so there must be something wrong with my template. Any ideas?

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Quick and dirty, how about turning the label for this field off in Views and add something like:

<?php if (!empty($row->field_field_location_taxonomize_terms)): ?>
<?php endif; ?>

at the top of this template? (Changing up the HTML around Label: to match your system and t()'ing it, etc)

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