I created a content type (Donation) that contains 3 fields:

  • a Donor Name field (user reference).
  • a date field (for the donation month).
  • the amount of the donation.

I am trying to create a view that returns a table with 2 columns:

  • one for Donor Name
  • one for the total/sum of all donation for that Donor.

My question: How can I achieve the second column (the sum of donations for the specific Donor/user) using views?


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Try View Aggregation setting:

  • Goto Advanced tab, scroll down below and set "Use aggregation" to 'Yes'.
  • Filter Your View with Name field (user reference).
  • Now there must be "Aggregation settings" inline with your field "the amount of the donation"
  • Goto "Aggregation settings" for "the amount of the donation" field and select 'Aggregation type' to 'Sum'.

Thats it, you are good to go now.

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