I got my database crashed and fixed it, but some tables missed some of its data. one of these tables are the table that contains the preset values for imagecache (imagecache v, Drupal 6.19).

mysql> select * from imagecache_preset;

| presetid | presetname                              |
|        1 | article_headline_main                   |
|        2 | article_headline_thumb                  |
|        3 | article_headline_node                   |
|        4 | article_behind_the_news_old             |
|        5 | article_main_news_old                   |

By editing any of the above presets, i found that it is UNSET and I have to respecify action, height and width.
I have a dump of my database, but I need to know the table that contains the preset values so I can get them back from the backup. Which database table is it?


Check out the imagechache_action table, that should have the information you are looking for.

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