I'm on d7 and creating a "how to" site where users create a topic and add individual steps to it. I have a topic content type and a step content type and I connect them together by having an entity reference field on the steps so they reference the topic. I'm looking for a way to have an "add step" form on the topic creation page that will add a step and automatically reference the topic that I am creating. The field collections module gives me some of this functionality, but it makes it all in the one node being created. I need it to be separate content type because I want other users to be able to add steps to the topic after its been created, as well as commenting on specific steps and flagging. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Check out References dialog also. The module extends entity reference field by adding links to add, edit and search (which links are available can be configured) for references through a dialog.

  • Thanks for the reply. I've checked out the References dialog module but unfortunately it goes the opposite direction than I need. Right now I have a reference field on my "step" content type so that there will be steps that reference a single topic. The reference dialog module would require me to add a reference field to my "topic" content type so it would be one topic referencing many different "steps" and that won't work because I need to be able to create steps outside of the topic creation as well.
    – oobie11
    Aug 18, 2012 at 2:46

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