I have this kind of menu: "Level 1" has menu item "Level 2", which links to the page with "cat1" url. Then, I have node which have aliases "cat1/[nid]", hence, in my opinion, menu block (provided by "menu block" module) should appear. But it doesn't. Why?

If you haven't worked with menu block module and not familliar with it, then how can I force to show "Level 1 -> Level 2" menu part if a node with alias "cat1/[nid]" is loaded?

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Inspecting the code of the Menu Block module, I understood this module doesn't work with URLs. There are other modules, such as the Context: Menu Block module, which make it possible.

Context: Menu Block allows the Menu Block module to be aware of contexts provided by the Context module by informing menu blocks of active menu context reactions.


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