I've set up Disqus on my drupal site and it was previously working, but it's suddenly not working and I have no idea what changed.

This is one of my nodes with Disqus in the block at the bottom: http://liberalgeek.com/content/republican-todd-akin-and-legitimate-rape-doesnt-cause-pregnancy

I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway message in my javascript console on Chrome:

GET http://mediacdn.disqus.com/1345491156/uploads/themes/dsq028ee724157b05d04e7bdcf237d12e60.css?1557 502 (Bad Gateway) client.js:6
DISQUS.requireStylesheet client.js:6
Backbone.View.extend.bootstrap client.js:84
Backbone.View.extend.initialize.b client.js:81
b.Events.trigger lib.js:108
(anonymous function) client.js:16
  • Which version of the Disqus module do you have installed? drupal.org/project/disqus I see several 404 errors on Disqus elements from that url as well. – Citricguy Aug 21 '12 at 9:08

It looks like the API was undergoing maintenance which is why it was rejecting with a 5xx error. Here is the list of meanings to the HTTP response codes that Disqus uses:


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