I'm using Webform, Fieldgroup and Multistep with D7.

Ultimately I'd like to create a hierarchically-grouped list of all the submitted values and display on the last step of the multi-step form, with the following format:

  • Page 1
    • Question 1 Label
      • Question 1 Response
    • Question 2 Label
      • Question 2 Response
    • Question 3 Label
      • Question 3 Response
  • Page 2
    • Question 4 Label
      • Question 4 Response
    • Question 5 Label
      • Question 5 Response
    • Question 6 Label
      • Question 6 Response

When I inspect the $form object, however, I see the fields each listed, but $form['field_my_question']['und'][0]['#field_parents'] is an empty array.

How can I identify from the $form object which fields belong on which page of my multistep form?


I don't know what exactly #field_parents is for, but the information about field grouping is in $form (which, it turns out, is an array, not an object) several times over, in $form['#groups'], $form['#fieldgroups'], and $form['#group-children'].

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