I made radio buttons with the forms api using this code:

"sex" => array(
    '#type' => 'radios',
        '#title' => t('Sex'),
        '#options' => array(t('M'), t('F')),

It works perfectly, but instead of storing an M or an F in the database, it stores a 0 or a 1. How can I decide what value is stored for each option?

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The keys of the array set as #options determine the values and the values determine the labels.

In other words: The example in my question uses a regular array array(t('M'), t('F')) which, behind the scenes, is an associative array using non-negative integers as keys (same as array(0=>t('M'), 1=>t('F')). Since the radio buttons use these keys to know what to store in the database, the solution is simply to change them: array('M'=>t('M'), 'F'=>t('F')).

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