I used profile2 module and create some profile types,in one of them I have a custom field require custom validation . I did use drupal validation with custom validation function . Lets suppose I have a field with name 'nationalcode' if it was form element just need this in my custom module hook_form_alter(&$form,&$form_state)

$form['field_nationalcode']['#validation'][] = 'my_custom_validation_function';

And determine my_custom_validation_function function with my custom validation

function my_custom_validation_function(&$form,&$form_state) {
     form_set_error('field_nationalcode','my custom message');
        // I am not sure mayebe this one
     form_set_error('nationalcode','my custom message');

But really what I should do in profile type cusotm validation?

I set #validation but How can i set form_set_error with profile type? .I means what i should use in first parameter in form_set_error ?

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I found The good solution for validate nested form elements according to drupal 7 form_set_error api need to use

form_set_error('myporifletypename][myfieldname', 'my error message');   

As example

 form_set_error('user_info][field_nationalcode', 'Your National code not valid');

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