Is there an easy way to combine two or more exposed filters into one shared exposed form? So that I don't have to have several search fields for each and every field that I want to filter.

Is this possible? Any modules that does this? I am using the Better Exposed Filters module.

Thanks in advance


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Views 3 provides solution for your question from the box. It's Global: Combine fields filter.

  1. Add fields.
  2. Add Global: Combine fields filter to filter criteria.
  3. Check fields you want to combine in filter's settings.

If you use Display suite or teasers mode - force using fields in the View settings (under Format -> Settings).

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    The "force using field" saved me a lot of time. Thanks! This option is located under Format -> Settings
    – argiepiano
    Commented Jun 8, 2016 at 22:42

We accomplished this using Views filters populate

This is an utility module. Its sole purpose is to fill in one blank that seems not easy to be done using normal views, which is to use one exposed string filter to search on multiple fields.


The search module packaged with core allows you to add a filter called "Search" which queries a users input against the search index. I have found this to be effective in similar situations.

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