I need to change some default behavior from the facet API.

I am searching for documentation about the hook from the Facet API module, but I have not found anything for now, except a very good tutorial about Apache Solr and Facet API.

I downloaded the Facet API bonus module because I thought it would help me.

There are some very good features like Rewrite facet items via callback function, but it seems it only works for the markup; I can't change the input.

function custom_facet_facet_items_alter(&$build, &$settings) {
  if ($settings->facet == "field_produit_dev_durable") {
    foreach($build as $key => $item) {
      $build[$key]["#markup"] = drupal_strtoupper($item["#markup"]);

I tried to use the Devel modutle o see the content of the variables build, and setting, but there is nothing interesting for me.

My facets now

What I want

So I need two things

  • Understand how to change the checkbox input
  • Understand how to remove the count number aside the Yes or No

I made my module and use this, but weirdly it doesn't remove the number.

$build[$key]["#markup"] = drupal_strtoupper($item["#markup"]);

I used the fist tutorial I linked at the beginning of my post, but I found a problem I don't understand.

When I used my code on two different facets I got an error:

An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

My code is the same code shown in this article, but I replace the select field with a radio field. I think there is a conflict between the two form, when I validate.

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What you're doing to change the markup should just work, here's a working example I have from a project that does just that:

function foo_facet_items_alter(&$build, &$settings) {
  if ($settings->facet === 'my_facet') {
    foreach($build as $key => $item) {
      $build[$key]["#markup"] = drupal_ucfirst($item["#markup"]);

I can confirm that it works as expected.

As far as switching the select for a radio, the error you get is pretty common and you're probably not removing/adding extra Form API options that aren't allowed for one of the types.

Radio buttons behave a bit different than selects, you might not be able to just switch the #type and have it work, if this is still relevant, please post the code you're using to alter that form... thanks!


On this page you find a paragraph about creating a custom facet api widget:


  • This article was linked in the OP. Jun 5, 2015 at 2:43

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