Error occurs While I'm running update for my drupal site. And it stuck in maintenance mode. I can't log in to it using /user/login.

I changed $update_free_access = TRUE in settings.php and run update.php. And I see this screen.

enter image description here It says ctools module is missing. How can I re-install module when I can't login as administrator?

[Edit] In the hope of getting the module back, I restored the database with my backup sql-dump via phpmyadmin. After that, it came to 500 internal server error.

I don't know what was wrong? Is there any way I can restore my site back on?

Thanks in advanced!

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Most housekeeping tasks like these can be done using Drush, a Drupal command line managing tool. For example, you can reinstall the module using

drush pm-disable modulename
drush pm-uninstall modulename
drush pm-enable modulename

the database can be updated by issuing

drush updatedb

And code is easily updated with

drush pm-update

To use drush you need a shell access to a server your site runs on. No authorization as Drupal user is needed.

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