Someone gave me access to a website of theres, and they want me to export the theme from one Drupal 7 install to another.

(I couldn't find any export links on the /admin/appearance page.)

How do I export a theme?


You will need to have access to the web servers folder structure. You will find the themes inside sites/all/themes, sites/default/themes, sites/YOURSITE/themes or profiles/YOURPROFILE/themes. Once copied to the other Drupal installation it can be enabled under admin/appearance. More on installing a Drupal theme can be found here.

It might be that the theme you are going to copy is a subtheme of another theme. In this case you need both themes. Look inside the THEMENAME.info in your theme and look for the line that starts with base theme =

If a base theme is defined there you need that as well on your target installation.

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    Ended up received a tar.gz of the theme from the dev. Seems like an odd feature to leave out of Drupal... a simple export for these things Aug 30 '12 at 17:12
  • Also, if theme settings have changed you may also need to export the settings too. For this case you could use the magic_dev module which is part of drupal.org/project/magic module. Mar 30 '15 at 13:48

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