I want to create a block and put it in the sidebar of each content type that says "Add a new [content type]" So if the user was viewing an article, it would have "Add a new article", if the user was viewing a car, it would say "add a new car" etc.

Obviously I could make a different block and then control their display via context, but I'd rather create one block that essentially always links to add/new/[content-type] where content-type is whatever is being viewed.

Is there a way to pass in this argument via context?

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In the hook that return the block content, call a function with a code similar to the following one.

function mymodule_node_add_link() {
  $node = menu_get_object();

  if (!empty($node->type)) {
    $types = node_type_get_types();
    return l(t('Add a new @name', array('@name' => $types[$node->type]->name)), 'node/add/' str_replace('_', '-', $node->type));

  return '';

The hook calling this function should always check the value returned from the function. In the case the showed page is not a node page, menu_get_object() doesn't return a node object, and this function returns an empty string.

Notice that every string shown in the user interface should be passed to t(). When passing a string to t(), you should avoid concatenating string, but you should use the placeholders the function supports, as in the code I shown.


In D6, you could use something like this snippet...

function create_another() {


  if (!empty($node->type)) {

    return l('Add a new ' . $node->type, 'node/add/' . str_replace('_', '-', $node->type));



which, if used on a page displaying a full node, would return a link to node/add/content type. In D7, menu_get_object() does the same thing, so you'd probably just have to change the actual link path. Just be careful if you have _'s in your node type. In D6 they need to be translated into -'s in the link above. I'm not sure about D7.

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