I'm running a Drupal 6 site and recently I've started seeing "Page not found" errors which contain the user name on my hosting server. For example "~username/blog/the-blog-post-title". I use Pathauto to auto-generate path aliases for new content. I've never really seen any problems like this before. I'm also seeing Page not found errors like "user/https://domainname.com/user". When I look at the log entry for these it usually says the path is "http://domainname.com/user/https://domainname.com/user". This is obviously a bad path! I recently enabled Secure Pages and I'm wondering if maybe this might have caused the issue. Does anyone have advice on what might be causing this or how to track it down? Unfortunately there's no referrer listed for these errors so it's tough to know where to look. Could it be something cached incorrectly?

  • I think it might be something to do with the Country Ban module... still looking into this. – Chaulky May 31 '11 at 23:52
  • You can first search ' domainname.com/user ' in your DB and see if any row is returned. You can also look for ' domainname.com '. Starting by checking in the DB will help you know kwickly if this error is caused by some settings stored in the DB. Do you have any module that for a reason or another alter your paths (other than pathauto)? – E. de Saint Chamas Jul 5 '11 at 3:10

Something is obviously refering "http://domainname.com/user/https://domainname.com/user" so I would search for the log entry for that access and follow the referrer further. I'm guessing something is generating a bad link somewhere. And something else follows that link (could be GoogleBot).

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