I'm a newbie, and I'm trying to create a site on Drupal7.

I have a taxonomy vocabulary with many terms. Then I use taxonomy_menu and nice_menu to show the terms. This is working perfectly.

The problem comes when I create (or edit) a node (of any type) and I associate it to a term. The menu item(s) corresponding to selected(s) term(s) loses his place in hierarchy. Searching on database I realize the column "plid" on "menu_links" table is set to 0.

Searching on drupal.org I found this post, I think my problem is related to it. On first comment someone gives a solution, but I can't use it, because in this case nodes won't be shown in the menu.


P.S.: sorry on my bad english, ask if you don't understand

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It looks like this could be a known issue. Please see the below two issues for the taxonomy_menu project - the second contains a patch you could try?



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