I have two content types: product feature and product. Both can be translated. If I create English product and assign many product features (by node reference inside field collection) and then create translation (ex. French) for this I have rewritted product features. Then I can select Product features translated previously to French. English product have English product features and French product (translated) have French product features (also translated).

PROBLEM: When I modify French node (change product features to French) my English node is also changed (product features are French).

Did I missed something?

  • I am also having the same problem, any luck solving it?
    – ARGO
    Commented May 9, 2013 at 1:39

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The only solution I found is to remove all elements in field collection of translated node and add them once again - with properly translated elements/values.


There's a module for that: https://drupal.org/project/i18n_node_reference

Provides i18n field synchronisation for a node_reference field.

The referenced nodes are translated into the correct language. If no such language exists, it is ignored. This is the same functionality as is supported by the taxonomy reference translation in i18n_taxonomy.

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