Examining for http headers, I mentioned the header "X-Drupal-Cache HIT". I use varnish reverse proxy.

Is it necessary for this header to appear? Can I make it be ommited? If yes, how? Would that have negative implications?


To change drupal http-header information check out drupal_set_header() (D6) or drupal_add_http_header() (D7).

Looking at the documentation for _drupal_bootstrap_page_cache, it seems the header shows 'HIT' if the page is displayed from cache, and 'MISS' in the case it is not.

Check out Set X-Drupal-Cache header during page_cache_fastpath and Implement better cache headers for reverse proxies for more information about the X-Drupal-Cache header. It seems to be a Drupal 7 or Pressflow only thing.

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    I think there is no specific info about at these links.
    – john
    May 25 '11 at 8:45

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