I have a block display with an exposed 'term' filter using BEF links filter. I have the need to reduce the terms to display only the ones that show within the blocks results.

For example I have 'term1', 'term2', 'term3' - then if within the results there is only 'term1', 'term2' - I need to remove 'term3' from the list of filter links.

I realize that the filter is built before display so I am having difficulty grasping how the filter can be modified depending on what is in the display.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Have a look at views_hacks. Specifically refer to Views Selective Exposed Filters (views_filters_selective)


I am interested in the option, as well. Just getting to that issue on a new project. Hard to believe that it is a built-in feature at filter level. But, would be a good feature request for the BEF module -- perhaps you could add it to issue queue.

  • @ Greta - did you manage to achieve this? I still have not worked it out.
    – piranah
    Sep 3, 2012 at 8:59

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