I'm using Drupal 7, CKEditor (not wysiwyg module). By default the nodes are not paginated but the client wants to have nodes of certain content-type to be paginated. And wants control of this pagination i.e. set page breaks.

How can I make the nodes to paged? And how can I control it?

P.S. I cannot find any useful explanation (tutorial) of how drupal pager works, so if you know any, it's highly appreciated to post it here.

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    If I read your question correctly, the client wants to be able to turn a node into multiple pages from a body field? I'm gonna go out on a limb and just say this isn't possible without some REALLY complicated client-side scripting.
    – Chapabu
    Aug 31, 2012 at 14:06

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If you are using Drupal 7 you should check out the smart_paging module. It can auto paginate or the user can sepecify the breaks. There is also integration with the WYSIWYG module, but unfortunately not the CKEditor module.

As mentioned by Greta the core book module may be of use, but it is really intended for content organized in a hierarchical manner. If the nodes are intended to be independent (e.g. articles), it would be overkill to have to make a new book for each article.

Good luck.


It is incredibly easy. Use BOOK content type. Just need to enable Books in core modules. If you already have lots of existing content (to much to copy/paste into book pages), you could add a field for Node Reference and link the pages that way. Book has all that "pagination" functionality -- as well as local menu/index -- built in. Great solution if you aren't too far along. At the very least, enable Book module and do a sample to demo for client -- to help you conceive the exact behavior that you want.

By the way, that approach is independent of your WYSIWYG (CKEditor).

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