Ok, I'm not sure where should I go with this problem, so forgive me if this is not the exactly best place for it.

I've created multilanguage site, of course, got many problems, but solved them all - so far. Now, when I launched german version of a site, I realized there's a problem. I have a content type of X, made a view to display a page containing table with all the X content types. Just usual listing. The link to it is in the menu, displaying only for german language. So far all in that version worked fine, but now I see there's a problem.

Content X - link for adding it is on german version only and while adding it, it works fine. But when I'm on my view page, when I click on any title of content X type (which is a link of course) I'm getting redirected to default site language. And it should stay on german version. I can't think of any ideas, so: what is wrong? How can I fix it?

  • Anyone? Really?
    – br0k3n
    Sep 7, 2012 at 1:52

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I found the solution here after one day struggling with same issue:

  • goto: Home » Administration » Configuration » Regional and language » Languages.
  • select the 'DETECTION AND SELECTION' tab.
  • Un-check all except 'URL' and 'default'. Keep 'URL' on top of 'default'

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